Our private rooms in Nishi-Shinjuku / Okubo are perfect for birthdays!

Providing Chef Ikegami's authentic Chinese food to more people, at a more reasonable price.

Chef Taihei Ikegami

Studied under Yoji Wakiya, a leading figure in nouvelle chinois (Chinese cuisine with French influence) from the Wakiya Ichiemi Charou restaurant in Akasaka. He then founded Chinese Dining Ikegame in 2009, and continued working there up to the present day.

We use a lot of seasonal Japanese ingredients, like lily bulbs, ginkgo, and matsutake, that you won't usually find in Chinese cuisine. We use high quality vegetables that would still be delicious just fried in salt, and our cooking brings out the best of these ingredients.

Bagna cauda with seasonal vegetables

Bagna cauda with seasonal vegetables and crab miso sauce We take a variety of delicious seasonal vegetables and steam them. Enjoy the ingredients' natural flavors, and the French-inspired sauces you can only taste with nouvelle chinois.


We strive to provide high-quality ingredients like shark fin and lobster for an affordable price to as many people as possible.

What is nouvelle chinois?

It refers to a style of Chinese cooking where Western ingredients are cooked using Chinese methods, the food is put onto Western dishes and brought out one course at a time. Inspired by the new French style "nouvelle cuisine," it started in Hong Kong in 1980.

It became popular in Japan in the 1990s, and is favored by health-conscious people for the way it brings out the ingredients' natural flavours.

Come here for celebrations as well

Get your message printed on one of our specially made cakes for a one of a kind gift! They're also great for anniversaries and birthdays. If you reserve a course, you can also bring in your own cake.

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